Build your own juice package

Here at Sown Juices, you can build your own juice package, selecting a minimum of 12 juices. This build your own package is great if you have a particular favourite organic cold-pressed juice that you want more than others. We have nine delicious juices that you can choose from!

We make our Sown Juices with the best quality organic, fresh ingredients grown on our farm, which are then pressed and bottled to maximise freshness, flavour, and nutritional value. Below are some amazing cold-pressed juices we know you’ll love…

Breakfast Smoothie Juice

Why not kick start your day with our tasty Breakfast Smoothie Juice? This juice will make you feel energised and ready to start your day, helping you to accomplish all of the tasks ahead of you. Our Breakfast Smoothie Juice contains apple, banana, avocado, lemon, and cinnamon with no preservatives.

This juice will help rehydrate your body, detox and boost your immune system. As well as being delicious, having our Breakfast Smoothie Juice in the morning will provide you with a source of energy and can work as a meal replacement, reducing any food cravings you may have.

Post Workout Juice

Juice is an excellent way to replenish vitamins and nutrients back in our bodies after a workout. Our natural, handpicked ingredients will give your body much-needed refuelling. Our Post Workout Juice contains cucumber, apple, banana, avocado, and lemon. This juice will keep you hydrated, provide you with high protein, boost your immune system, and provide you with healthy fats.

The King Juice

Our King Juice contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, including cucumber, apple, carrot, beetroot and lemon. Beetroot is particularly good for your body because it is packed with vitamin B9, which helps your cells to grow and function. Juices with beetroot in, like the king juice, have multiple health benefits, including increasing blood flow and exercise performance.

Other benefits of beetroot are:

  • Beetroot influences brain function and helps to increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Juice with beetroot is effective when helping your liver detoxify due to the methionine and glycine betaine that it contains.
  • Beetroot juice protects your liver from the fatty depositions caused by protein deficiency and too much alcohol.
  • Beetroot can help reduce your muscle consumption of oxygen, so when you’re exercising, your body will require less oxygen.

Popeye Juice

61% of the ingredients in our Popeye Juice is cucumber. Cucumber can cleanse and detox the entire body and is high in many important vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, C and K. There are many benefits of including cucumber juice in your diet, like ensuring regular bowel movement. Cucumber can also regulate your blood sugar levels, which can help to prevent diabetes.

Remember, we have a lot more organic cold-pressed juices to choose from. To see our full range of juices in the build your own package, click here. Our juicing days are Mondays and Thursdays for ultimate freshness. Depending on when you ordered, you can expect your juice to arrive on Tuesday or Friday. For more information about our cold-pressed juices, you can contact us today!