Juice Cleanse Guide Part 2; Your Cleanse Journey

Rest when your body says rest!

So, we’ve spent our time preparing, we’ve altered our current diet to introduce healthier, fresher choices and prepare ourselves for the cleansing journey ahead.

We’ve taken stock of our mindset, and our emotions, and begun to understand the interrelationship between mind, body and emotion. Knowing these are going to do whatever they need to do in response to the process, and we are going to allow the process to unfold and take care of ourselves properly as we do so.

With the body and mind right, we are ready to dive into our cleanse!

These tips are a little easier to digest, just like the juices you’ll be cleansing with, but thank you for staying the course with us, as something very magical can take place when we put a cleanse into its proper place in our lives.

As we listen to our bodies and choose to cleanse to help them feel better, as we listen to our mind and emotions and give them a sense of companionship and validity through journalling and just being with ourselves, it is good to continue to listen to the body throughout our cleansing journey.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: One of the major factors that you will contend with is the need for sleep. Cleansing is a deep process, it goes into the cells of the body and eradicates any built-up toxins, flushes them out of your system and repairs the damage that is done. This requires a massive amount of energy and a significant amount of time.

To this end your body will let you know its tired and be asking you to go to sleep more often than you would be used to. Think of it as another habit to break the mind out of. You may not be used to napping after work, or during the day, but if your body asks you to, then listen.

The body goes to sleep not because of a lack of energy, but because your body needs and wants to use that nutrition and energy in the juices to do the repair work. If you’re doing anything else at all, that energy goes towards the activity of the body and mind and not towards cleansing and repair.

So even if you can’t nap and sleep when you need to, take things steadily, take things slowly, and take things with a relaxed attitude. Try to plan your cleanse for a week when you will have no obligations or needs to attend to, create a week that is all about you and gives you all the time you need to process, rest and repair, and you will emerge from your tired and emotional cocoon as a golden butterfly of brightness, feeling reborn and revitalized.

Eat if you need to Eat!

It is odd that this has to be said, but we get it, you hear of a cleanse and the recommended fasting, and think well that’s it, I’m going to starve for a week to make myself feel better.

That isn’t how this works, nor is it how we want any of our customers to feel. We created our juices because we care about you, and we want you to care about you too.

So, listen to your body, if the hunger pangs get too much, and sleep isn’t wanting to take you, and you don’t feel it is a mental habit you can break, or even want to break. Allow yourself some food and allow our juices to be an amazing, highly nutritious addition to your new and healthier diet instead! We would rather you enjoy our products and their benefits in a happy way than not at all! But don’t give in too soon either, allow a little bit to begin with and see if small amounts of food can allow you to participate in the fasting and cleansing whilst still managing your energy levels and mood.


What kind of foods could I eat? So, if you need that extra bit of sustenance liquid foods such as soup, (leek and potato has a wonderful heartiness to it), can help to satiate that desire for solid foods and a feeling of having a full tummy without negatively impacting your cleanse.

If you can make the soup yourself from scratch, leek and potato is 4 simple ingredients, leek, potato, onion and vegetable stock, then it’ll be that much fresher, heartier and good for your body and a compliment to your cleanse.

So don’t starve yourself if it is a mental battle that is causing more harm than good.

Fasting is a mental endeavour, it asks you to meet your body’s habits and question the necessity of them, but at any point distress is involved, don’t think of juicing as a way to punish your body into a better state of being. It is a way of loving your body and yourself to help it be the best version of itself it can be. And as part of that love and care, if your own body says its had enough, then let it say it’s had enough and eat a bit of food and know that you’re still doing well on your cleansing journey as you’ve learned to differentiate between when it’s okay to fast and when it’s pushing you too far.

Everything in moderation is good for us, and moderation means different things to different people. So again, we can use this cleanse to discover our boundaries and limits, and if we surpass that limit and find ourselves in a detriment, then let us indulge in a little bit of light food to keep our mind strong and body happy.


And so, we come full circle.

You may not realise it, the common understanding of meditation doesn’t really include it, but this entire process is meditation.

To meditate is to become aware of oneself, and boy do you become aware of your self when you cleanse.

Through the hunger pangs, the cravings for old diets, the fighting against sleep, the emotional mood swings and the mental chatter, it all comes to life during a cleanse.

Now, most meditation talks about ways to distract oneself from their mind and emotions, to become aware of other things outside of you, or finding something quiet inside of you.

But we can’t live our lives moving away from what discomforts us, and we certainly can’t spend a life running away from ourselves.

But this isn’t how meditation is actually supposed to go and those long forgotten originators of meditation never intended for us to do so. Meditation is to connect yourself to your body, mind and emotions, by becoming aware of them, paying attention to them and having interest in their processes.

And when we pay attention to ourselves, really become aware of each process as it unfolds, the mind and body and emotions no longer shout for our attention, and all those emotions and thoughts settle, and we are simply left inside of ourself, in a place of peace; living, feeling and vibrant, but peaceful and serene. And we didn’t have to make a single effort towards it, because if we pay close enough attention, we realise the body was always calling out to us, in effect moving towards us, we just kept finding new ways to ignore it. But when we listen, we find all the body ever wanted was our undivided attention, and when it is offered some very interesting and wonderful things happen. So many, if not all of the daily problems we contend with melt away, the ideas we hold, the beliefs we chase, the whole gamut of human consciousness comes to a close, and we become very quiet and still, whilst still being vibrantly alive, we become what is known as ‘one with the flow.’

To bring our mind and emotions and body back to itself, is going to be the difference between emotional upheaval and mental turmoil on our cleanse journey and a serene and happy approach that gives us an empowerment and confidence to contend with our deeper natures.


So here is a very simple meditation, there are no steps to guide you through, you will think that your chatting mind is distracting you from this meditation, but let me tell you that chatting mind is the meditation.


  • Find a quiet place you will be undisturbed.
  • Sit or lay comfortably, whatever that means for you.
  • Close your eyes, take a slow and gentle breath.
  • Take a slow and deep breath, and then allow your breathing to settle naturally.
  • Spend some time with your attention on your body.
  • As your mind chats away, allow it to be there, it is not distracting you, it is no more a part of you than noise out in the street is you.
  • Pick a part of your body, you can choose several and gently move between them during the meditation
  • And let your mind watch the sensations and feelings arising there when nothing else is happening.
  • This process will take you on a journey into the body, and may even send you to sleep
  • The important point is to shifts the minds focus from the ongoing chatter of thoughts to the feelings and sensations taking place in the body.
  • If you can get used to the feel and process of this, you will soon find yourself enjoying simply being sat in your own presence, and the meditation will have done its work.
  • When you are ready simply end by taking a few deep breaths and gently moving your hands and feet, slowly waking up your arms and legs and body, and finally opening your eyes.
  • Drink some water, or one of our cleansing juices if you are meditating during your cleanse, and notice the difference in your mind, emotions and body.
  • Our cleansing juices are a perfect companion to this kind of process.

In Summary

And so, we come to the end of a deep dive into the best practice when entering into a cleanse! We hope you enjoyed this exploration into mind, body and emotions and how we can ensure that our juice cleanse is as beneficial and as comfortable as can be!


So, our Five tips in short are:

  • Prepare body and mind before you start!
  • Set up a journal and emotional outlet to stay on top of your mind and emotions!
  • Listen to your body! Rest when it says rest!
  • Eat when it says eat!
  • And meditate! Consciously connect with your body throughout this entire process and you will find benefits far beyond what you dreamed of entering into this.

 And of course, always take it steady, if it is your first time fasting, start on a shorter package and give yourself a month or so of changed diet and rest before heading to the next level.

We care deeply about our product and helping others to find happier and healthier lifestyles through connection to the earth and nature around us, and the earth and nature within us. Whilst we respect popular methods of cleansing, we invite you to dive a little deeper on your next cleanse and see what you might discover about your mind, body and emotions, and see how much a cleanse is benefitted by conscious intention and other alterations and adjustments to mind and lifestyle.

We hope you found something of use here which will make your next cleanse with us that much brighter, enjoyable and with even greater and longer lasting results when you have finished! 

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