Cold Press Organic Juice – The Nutrition

Cold Press Organic Juices contain a much higher nutritional content than traditional juices.

The premium ‘Cold Press’ process ensures that the maximum nutrient content is transferred from the fruit and vegetable to you with minimal nutrition loss and damage. We talk more about this in our blog post Cold Press Organic Juice – The Process.

Today we’d like to showcase some of that wonderful nutrition and look at three of our crops, cucumber, apple and carrot, and the vitamins and minerals contained within them that are also packed into each one of our juices.

The Fruit and Veg

Cucumber: Delicious, cool and refreshing, cucumber is a staple in our juice we call ‘The King.’

Cucumber contains Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, as well as Potassium and Copper.

Carrot: The magical veg that allows us to see in the dark, carrot has long been professed for its benefits to help with eyesight; this staple vegetable offers an abundance of energy and is packed into our ‘Turbo Charger’ juice to deliver that energy to you.

Carrot contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K, B Vitamins and Potassium.

Apple: Sweet and delicious apple is a core part of our country and culture, as well as a healthy diet, we can still find wild apple trees growing along our verges and country lanes.

Apple contains Vitamin A, Vitamins B5 and B6, Vitamin C and a host of other B Vitamins.

Vitamins and their Benefits

Vitamins are the organic compounds found in our foods that our bodies require to function in good health.  These are often complex molecules made up of many elements.

Vitamin K:

  • Vitamin K plays an important role in your body that includes the process of healing wounds as vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting, which allows a wound to plug itself and a scab to begin to form.
  • It is important for your bone health as a vitamin K deficiency has been show to lead to weak bones.
  • It is also an antioxidant which protects against oxidative damage and free radicals.

 Free radicals and oxidation are both processes in which an excess of electrons is either added or removed from a chemical, weakening and breaking the bonds and turning it from one chemical form into another. In your body this leads to a break down in cell health and overall well-being. The presence of antioxidants ensures your cells stay healthy and protected for longer and so antioxidants have been known to help in the process of aging and keeping us younger, healthier and fitter for longer.

Vitamin C: 

  • Vitamin C is required to absorb iron into the body, which is used by the blood in the form of hemoglobin to transport oxygen around the body, feeding and vitalizing our cells as they do so. Proper Vitamin C intake therefore can lead to healthier blood with a greater amount of oxygenation.
  • It also plays a role in helping wounds to heal and allowing the blood to clot.
  • It is also an antioxidant helping to clear up free radicals and maintain cell health and youthfulness.

B Vitamins:

There are a wide variety of B Vitamins in fruits and vegetables, apple, carrot and cucumber included.

  • They help to support the nervous system and its efficient function, without which we have problems from motor control to overactive thinking. A healthy nervous system is vital for a healthy mind and clean and clear senses.
  • They also help the body to release energy from food. Without B vitamins we won’t receive as much energy and nutrition from our food and so a healthy intake of B Vitamins ensures we are receiving the maximum energy our food can offer us.


Minerals are the inorganic compounds found in organic matter. They are small, essential building blocks and are made up of elements in the periodic table. Whilst known as ‘inorganic’ the minerals we take into our body are organically active, that is when taken in through foods and supplements our bodies are able to assimilate and use them as they need.

Potassium: Potassium is one of the core minerals our body needs, and though the amounts it needs are tiny, its functions are vital.

  • Potassium assists in maintaining proper fluid balance in the body, making sure the body has a perfect homeostasis.
  • It also maintains a healthy blood pressure and ensures the health of our heart and circulatory system remains optimal.
  • Potassium is also required in the contraction of our muscles and the signals our nerves transmit between themselves and the body. Proper potassium intake ensures a clean and clear connection between mind and body, and allows you to activate the body to its maximum potential.

Copper:  Another of the minerals found in our three fruit and veg is copper. Not just good for conducting water through your pipes and electricity through your wires, it plays a vital role in your bodies functions.

  • Copper is involved in the process of producing red blood cells and so contributes to the health and balance of the blood.
  • Copper assists in producing collagen which is important for our skin, eyes and bones.
  • Copper is also an antioxidant helping to protect cells and maintain their healthy vital nature.

Nature’s Magic Molecules

Vitamins and Minerals make up a tiny portion of our food, but our bodies are adept at using them for so many vital functions related to our health. Vitamins and minerals are the magic within our cells that makes them do seemingly impossible jobs. From energy extraction, to cell reparation, to oxygen transportation, protection and so much more, vitamins and minerals are a necessary part of our bodily make-up.

The most effective way to receive them is through our food. If we intake a well-balanced and healthy diet we will receive the cocktail of vitamins and minerals our bodies require to function optimally. One of the most efficient ways to take our fruits and vegetables is in juice form. And the most effective way to juice is through Cold Press.

At Sown and Grown we are as crazy about good nutrition as you are which is why we farm organically to ensure the healthiest and most nutrient rich, natural crops. We then lovingly hand pick these crops and press them in our Cold Press to create highly nutritious, delicious juices for your enjoyment.

Our Cold Press Organic Juices offer everything you need for your vitamin and mineral intake to contribute to a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We hope you’ve learned something today about the benefits of the vitamins and minerals in our juices and feel that much more confident in choosing the produce for you to help look after and maintain your own body.